Sprüngli and Marsano

Sprüngli and Marsano

This morning we decided just to walk in “Bahnhoffstrasse” and enjoy the nice weather ,no paparazzi duty.

The Spring is here ,after so long and cold winter …we walk direction to “parade platz”… this time we won`t tell you about the luxury boutiques, we will tell you to stop in “Marsano”. Hm..yes, flower shop. Even if you don`t need to buy flowers, just go inside and enjoy the euphoria of the colors, shapes, smells with very nice background music… and we are sure you will buy flowers, as we did.

After we walked a bit and we went to “Sprungli” and as always the shop has very nice decoration… Easter is here… flowers, chocolate rabbits, pastry, sun and love …everywhere. Happy Easter !

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