Gübelin in Luzern

Gübelin in Luzern

To be or not to be, it’s the question…we will say, if you wonder how to show your love to someone you love, it’s very easy.
We will introduce you in our opinion, to the most beautiful boutique of jewellery, colour stones and watches in Switzerland Gübelin, Luzern

Amazing interior, warm and welcoming atmosphere, beautiful collection of colour stones jewellery, emeralds, tourmalines, rubies and of course diamonds.

The elegance and the classic design, inspired by the nature is more than desirable and you can understand the question is really to buy this or the other one. If you think about prices, don’t. It’s worth it.

We would like to thank the young sales assistance Mrs J.Gloor for her high professionalism for advising us.
It was real pleasure to visit Gübelin.

Schwanenpl. 7
6004 Luzern
+41 41 417 00 10

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